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Power Presentations is a Bootcamp Works program which develops your public speaking and communication skills.

We’ve all been in the presence of a gifted speaker and experienced first-hand the exhilaration and impact of a message delivered with power, authenticity and heart… especially when they have exceptional public speaking skills.  Because a great speech, well-crafted presentation or heartfelt spoken communication is capable of opening our minds to new ways of seeing, inspiring us to take action and, ultimately…it can change lives.

However, on the other hand, most of us have some fear of public speaking. In fact the thought of presenting to an audience and public speaking in general, is a daunting one. The idea alone, can instantly cause nervous butterflies in the stomach, a racing heart beat and an unexpectedly dry mouth… even for those with effective communication skills and some experience in public speaking.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to connect with and inspire an audience, dreamt of sharing your story and message from the stage, want to learn effective presentation skills and how to improve your communication style or simply wish to overcome your fear of public speaking so you can speak with more confidence and power….then our Power Presentations program is for you.

In this 3 day Public Speaking Bootcamp Works experience you will learn:

  • How to find and speak with your unique voice when public speaking
  • Communication skills so you can share your story with heart and authenticity
  • Insights to connect with your audience and maintain their attention by using a number of proven public speaking tips and techniques
  • The key invisible codes which successful speakers use to captivate and inspire their audience for high impact communication
  • To harness the power of public speaking to grow your business, promote your book and position you as an expert in your field.
  • How to become a communication skills expert and enroll your audience to become raving fans for you long after your talk is complete
  • To overcome your fear of public speaking, increase your confidence and how to centre yourself prior to your talk

Juliana Abram is an internationally sought after speaker with many years of experience across the discipline of public speaking. Jennifer Marr specialises in creating and presenting interactive, engaging and inspiring presentations in her field. Together Juliana and Jennifer will share their communication insights and experience in the exciting and dynamic public speaking arena.

Success Stories

Dear Juliana, Thank you for your advice, recommendations and the knowledge you have imparted over the last couple of years. You have always been very reassuring and positive, leaving me empowered and excited. Thank you again for all all you have done for us. Warmest regards Yvette

Yvette Wilson, Hong Kong

I found The Feng Shui Way a very informative book. Juliana, reading your book made it so simple for us to understand which changes need to be made in a home and why. It also sparked a keen desire to learn more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tony Broughton, Yanchep

Hi Juliana, Firstly, a big thank you for your efforts and guidance during the course on the weekend. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the break away as well as the mental stimulation. I am defnitely coming back for June. Cheers

Mariko Fisher, New South Wales

Hi Juliana, A very big thank you for an enjoyable course. It was really helpful to hear your antidotes and practical experiences, and I enjoyed your presentation style.

L Tate, Como WA

Hi Juliana, just a short note to say thanks for the fantastic course. I really enjoyed it. The course material was good, and very interesting.

E Jersky, WA
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