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At Bootcamp Works our Mentoring Program has been specifically created with the fledgling writer in mind…This is because as a first time writer, there are times when the flow of words simply comes to a grinding halt – a complete freeze of thoughts and feelings. And no matter how hard you try, the ideas and therefore the words just do not come. Unfortunately this is often when disenchantment sets in and confidence is lost. This is often referred to as ‘Writer’s Block‘. That’s where mentoring through Bootcamp Works can help.

Firstly, the mentor / mentee relationship focuses on identifying your aspirations and how we at Bootcamp Works can assist you through the process of achieving your heartfelt authorship goals. Following this, the Bootcamp Works mentorship role is to have you, the writer, be inspired, have clarity, be organised, well resourced, more creative and overall…a better writer and author. Then, through our mentoring program, we work towards our writers becoming published authors by helping them to discover their authentic voice and elevate their natural writing style.

In addition to this, for mentoring to work efficiently and effectively, an intimate, authentic bond and mutual trust must be formed between the Bootcamp Works mentorship team and yourself. In this way, you, the emerging writer can receive the experienced guidance you require, be rejuvenated and re-inspired, have your writing skills enhanced, tempo improved and advanced levels of productivity achieved.

All genres are acceptable at Bootcamp Works:

  • Non-fiction
  • Biographies and Auto-biographies
  • Self-Help and Inspirational
  • Business Development
  • Literary and popular fiction
  • Family histories and personal stories
  • Instructional and How To Guides

At Bootcamp Works, mentoring opportunities focus on emerging writers who have begun crafting significant and meaningful manuscripts with publication as the end result. Mentoring is a relationship that can last many months during your writing journey, consequently we only ever commit to one mentoring contract at a time. Bootcamp Works becomes your silent partner in finalising your manuscript and…just as importantly, become published with a strong distribution network.

For more details about our mentoring program contact Bootcamp Works here

Bootcamp Works is absolutely committed to the world of books and education. So…each year we provide, via a thorough and intense selection process one mentor scholarship. The program lasts for approximately 3 months and the mentee will benefit from ‘real world’ insights. For more details about Bootcamp Works…Author Mentor scholarship contact Bootcamp Works here

Once we receive your Author Mentor scholarship application, we’ll provide you with further details of upcoming opportunities that may suit your needs.

Success Stories

Dear Juliana, Thank you for your advice, recommendations and the knowledge you have imparted over the last couple of years. You have always been very reassuring and positive, leaving me empowered and excited. Thank you again for all all you have done for us. Warmest regards Yvette

Yvette Wilson, Hong Kong

I found The Feng Shui Way a very informative book. Juliana, reading your book made it so simple for us to understand which changes need to be made in a home and why. It also sparked a keen desire to learn more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tony Broughton, Yanchep

Hi Juliana, Firstly, a big thank you for your efforts and guidance during the course on the weekend. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the break away as well as the mental stimulation. I am defnitely coming back for June. Cheers

Mariko Fisher, New South Wales

Hi Juliana, A very big thank you for an enjoyable course. It was really helpful to hear your antidotes and practical experiences, and I enjoyed your presentation style.

L Tate, Como WA

Hi Juliana, just a short note to say thanks for the fantastic course. I really enjoyed it. The course material was good, and very interesting.

E Jersky, WA
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