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Bootcamp-Works courses and programs provide you with the freedom and opportunity to focus solely on the key area of your life which you wish to improve and transform. Why?

Because we know that life’s dreams and aspirations can sometimes seem unattainable, however with the right combination of time, space, environment and guidance it’s possible to rapidly achieve long held goals and create a rich life – a life well lived.

To achieve this Bootcamp-Works provides practical, action oriented and outcome based life education where the learning can be easily applied with immediate results. In addition to this, our programs are presented in a relaxed, nurturing, supportive and fun environment with time away from the usual distractions of your day to day life so you can achieve fast, focussed results.

Therefore because of Bootcamp-Works sincere commitment to inspire and empower others through practical, experiential learning, we have created a select range of boutique, retreat-styled, Bootcamps which include:

And Bootcamp-Works provides you with the right tools, resources, and information whilst connecting you with like-minded people, to discover, learn, grow and share the journey.

Just imagine living your life’s dreams and values….whether that is Writing and Publishing Your First Book ….. Becoming Loved-Up…… Building an Outstanding, Highly Profitable and Inspired Business … Learning How to Speak Powerfully in Public…or Creating a Healthier, Happier More Beauty-Filled You….

Bootcamp-Works can assist you to fulfil your heart felt goals and we are both inspired by and genuinely committed to your success as a Bootcamp-Works course or program participant. In fact we take every step to ensure that you leave your selected program with a greater sense of purpose, success and fulfillment as well as the results you wish to achieve.

This kind of results based learning is priceless…

Come and join us at one of the next Bootcamp-programs….and make your dreams a reality!!

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion

some compassion

some humour and……some style

Maya Angelou

Visit our Knowledge Bank to discover more through the easily accessible resources provided by Bootcamp Works as they relate to you. Alternatively, view the range of Bootcamp Works courses and programs available to individual and corporate clients.

Success Stories

Dear Juliana, Thank you for your advice, recommendations and the knowledge you have imparted over the last couple of years. You have always been very reassuring and positive, leaving me empowered and excited. Thank you again for all all you have done for us. Warmest regards Yvette

Yvette Wilson, Hong Kong

I found The Feng Shui Way a very informative book. Juliana, reading your book made it so simple for us to understand which changes need to be made in a home and why. It also sparked a keen desire to learn more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tony Broughton, Yanchep

Hi Juliana, Firstly, a big thank you for your efforts and guidance during the course on the weekend. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the break away as well as the mental stimulation. I am defnitely coming back for June. Cheers

Mariko Fisher, New South Wales

Hi Juliana, A very big thank you for an enjoyable course. It was really helpful to hear your antidotes and practical experiences, and I enjoyed your presentation style.

L Tate, Como WA

Hi Juliana, just a short note to say thanks for the fantastic course. I really enjoyed it. The course material was good, and very interesting.

E Jersky, WA
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